Dear Customers ,

Our workshop is currently in the process of moving from the 23rd of April to the 17th of May. Therefore it won't be easy for us to satisfy all of your requests on this period, though we will try hard, and our communication tools will be momentarily interrupted from the 5th to the 17th of May.
For any quiery during this time, please use e-mail as a mean of contact. Our activities will gradually resume throuought the month of May.

Thank you for understanding,

Raphaël Thirion


trefleAmis et cercles culturels - Friends & cultural interests

Vallée de la Drome 
JF Escoulen, tourneur sur bois
AFTAB : Association Française de Tournage d'Art sur Bois
Compagnie du Petit Monsieur
T.I.L.T :Technique, Idée, Lumière
Transe Express, Théatre de Rue
Guitares Cheval
Jl Boudreau, Flutes Aesthe
Sinier De Ridder  archets, guitares, instruments anciens
Christine Habegre Accueil en Ardèche