trefle ORDERS

Orders can be made by phone, e-mail or post. Order is considered after payment reception.


Our items are made and shipped from our workshop in Crest, France.
They can be sent by registered post or through a shipping company in standard or express shipping. Packing and shipping costs are to be paid by the buyer and will depend on the weight and the shipping type chosen by him. A quote can be sent on request.
An insurance is automatically added to the initial amount and insures the items for in case of loss or damage. This insurance is optional and can be removed on request, however, shipping and condition of the items couldn't be guaranteed any more and would travel at the buyer's own risks.
In case of damage or missing item, it belongs to the addressee to undertake the claiming process and to make reserves towards the shipping company. After this, the buyer must contact directly the seller in order to put in place the insurance clauses. The seller is not responsible for delays due to the shipping company.


The delivery time is bound to our stocks. Some of the items can be out of stocks. It is reasonable to anticipate a minimum of 15 working days before the reception of any order. For all special orders, custom-made, carved or out of catalogue, a minimum period of 10 weeks is given as indicative time.
All our delivery times are given as indicative time.
The exceeding of these times couldn't commit us in any ways.

trefle CLAIMS

In case of visible defect, a claim must be made by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt within a week following the reception of the order.
The return will be accepted only if this condition had been previously fulfilled.
It must be sent postage paid, with the items carefully packed.
Any parcel sent postage due will be refused. If the claim is founded and recognized by us, we will refund the postage at the normal rate on presentation of the shipping note.


Our goods will be invoiced on the rate of shipping date and not order's rate.
Due to economic fluctuation, we reserve the right to change our price in either ways without prior notification.
Prices are invoiced excluding VAT, postage, insurance and shipping in addition


Trading in the United States is reserved exclusively to their distributors. You must contact them directly for any request:

Echo Bridge Music
26 Fox Rd,
Waltham, MA 02451, USA
Phone : +1 888-525-0407
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

trefle PAYMENT

The payment site is Crest, whatever its type.
The settlement of  our invoices can be made:
    - Either cash on delivery with a 3% surcharge.
    - Either within ten days from the invoicing date by check, bank transfer or credit card.
A payment incident leads to the immediate payability of any amount due on the account, without obligation of any formal notice from us.
Besides, such an incident authorizes us to stop any ongoing or future orders.
Any invoice unsettled before its completion date will automatically lead by full rights to the increase of 2% per month of its amount as damages for costs and troubles, without the need of any formal notice from us.


First orders from new customers will only be sent with cash on delivery or payment in advance by bank transfer, check or credit card, and this until two orders of at least 150€ each exc VAT had been made.
Every first order shall be made on paper, and include the corporate name, address, phone number and (if need be) VAT number of the buyer.


Our goods remain our property until full settlement of total costs.
They can't be sold nor pawned by the buyer, safe with our prior explicit written consent.
Non payment or underpayment of a due amount authorizes us to pronounce unilaterally the cancellation of the selling without any other notification than a register post letter with acknowledgement of receipt.
If this resolution comes to be pronounced by us, we are then already authorized to take back the goods.
In that case, the buyer forces himself to refund all expenses bound to the recovery of the goods. Deposits will remain to our benefit as a compensation of damages endured.


Any dispute bound to the present order' or bound to the application of the present sales conditions are is let to the authority of the courthouse of Romans sur Isère 26100 France


Our representatives are not entitled to treat with other conditions than those resulting from these ones.
Any exemption to these conditions granted by our representatives would only represent a proposition and is subject to our permission. That would commit us on the sole condition of an express written confirmation from us.