Dear Customers ,

Our workshop is currently in the process of moving from the 23rd of April to the 17th of May. Therefore it won't be easy for us to satisfy all of your requests on this period, though we will try hard, and our communication tools will be momentarily interrupted from the 5th to the 17th of May.
For any quiery during this time, please use e-mail as a mean of contact. Our activities will gradually resume throuought the month of May.

Thank you for understanding,

Raphaël Thirion

News: Wood

While the violin is made of flamed maple for the back and spruce for the top for 300 years, different kinds of woods were used for accessories. Their mechanical function requires a good resistance to traction (for tailpieces), to twisting (for pegs), or to wear (for fingerboards).
Before the industrial and colonial era, hard and fine grain european woods were used (apple tree,  plum tree). Some of them are naturally « greasy », and thank to their fine grain, it's easy to obtain an admirable polish.

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